Springtime Shower Steamer 6-Pack
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Springtime Shower Steamer 6-Pack

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Essential oils provide an aromatic experience while you shower to help soothe away the cold and help you breathe a little easier. Simply drop one of these handmade pods in the shower and let the water melt it away. Place these in the back of the shower where it won't be hit directly by the water. Each pack comes with 1 of each of the following scents.

Jelly Bean (smells like sweet, fruity candy)

Love Spell (smells like the Victoria's Secret scent)

Spring Garden (a light, floral scent)

Cucumber Splash (cucumber, aloe, grapefruit scent)

Sun Flower (orange blossom, peach and sandalwood scent)

Marshmallow Peeps (sweet marshmallow scent)

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